5 April 2014

Good old Saturday shopping spree

It was such a nice sunny day today so I decided to kick off my biking season for this year. I biked to a nearby shopping mall even though I really don't need anything right now, other than a new spring jacket maybe. Well, I didn't get a new coat but what I got is a thick layer of dust on my face and a few little things from H&M.

2 April 2014

Did April fool you too?

I love April fools day jokes. More than that, I love to fall for them myself. The fact that someone comes up with such a great idea that is at the same time absolutely ridiculous but you still think that it is true, or at least could totally be. Every year the local newspapers and online magazines have this tradition of coming up with an article and the readers' "job" is to find that one April fools article in the middle of the very true ones. Its so funny to see people first commenting ragingly even though the whole article would be over the top and so not believable. And as when one person remembers which day it is again, the sound on the comments changes 180°. 
While strolling across the internet, you bump into one insane article after another, not just on April first but on an everyday basis. To really filter out those badly written, scandalous new from the actual worthy ones has become quite a skill. 
I actually quite liked this one from Aamulehti
In this one the pic was the funniest
On the other hand, I think it is absolutely pointless to every year keep posting on Facebook or Instagram or whatever right on April first that you are pregnant or oh, suddenly there is this huge ring on your finger and yesterday you were single as one can be.

And yes, I am still a vegetarian.

1 April 2014

Change of lifestyle

Those who know me personally should be aware of this but I have been a vegetarian(ovo-lacto vegetarian to be exact) since high school so for quite a few years now. On Sunday evening I got super sick and I kept throwing up all night, being very unwell and weak throughout all Monday. That got me thinking, that maybe I should change my diet and start eating meat again. I started off my new life as a meat eater with this delicious looking chicken breast, kip as they like to call it in the Netherlands.  Tomorrow I will be returning back to work, so lets see if my energy levels will be more upbeat.
(Please excuse my pretty no-makeup face and gorgeous night gown)