9 June 2014

Time to bake some cinnamon buns

So yesterday it was that time of the months again. Time to bake buns I mean. As appropriate for a lady sunday morning, I headed over to grandma and grandpa's around noon and all we had on our schedule was to bake some cinnamon buns. Once again, Paappa had made us all some de-licious meet free bolognese sauce (that stuff, omg! heaven on earth) and it was so warm we even managed to enjoy our lunch moment at the terrace. Summer is finally coming back! And the bees too. 
Baking is definitely something to relax me. That is the time when you do not need to think about anything other than how many grams of flour you need to pour in to the mixture or wether your eggs are room-temperature-enough to be added. Also, on the other hand it's a great time to catch up and have a nice therapy moment sharing our stories with grandma. Sometimes it even gets s little too deep and we end up crying our eyes out. So these buns are 100% homemade with loads of love and other emotions. 
I feel like this spring has gone by so fast that I haven't even seen them in a really long time, which is not a good thing as they live like 5km away from our house. So hopefully during the summer we would have the time to spend some quality time together before I move back to Vaasa for at least the fall semester.

8 June 2014

My week 23 in workouts

This week was a rough one for me as my sleeping schedule did not take high note even after my official announcement on social media. I took it a bit easy and really focused on technique (and learning to use the compass correctly for once, lols), or at least tried. This whole working out thing is just so addictive! Especially when you really and honestly enjoy what you are doing. I don't know what will happen when I have to move back to Vaasa as there seems to be no CrossFit box there just yet and there will be no orienteering during the winter of course. Obviously I can do running, and I suppose I have to sign up to a "regular" gym and learn to have fun in there. My past experiences on gyms is not the most positive ones though. Usually they just bore me after two weeks as all you can do is sit in a machine and move your legs up and down, spend half an hour on a cross trainer or do awkward booty-shacking movements on a Zumba class. Yeah, maybe I'll just come up with another new hobby. Karate could be fun, haven't yet tried self-defense sports yet other than a single class of aikido or something like that when I was like 12.

On Tuesday I had a nice run as we attended this running event in Hämeenlinna with a bunch of my coworkers even though I was kind of exhausted from my Sunday run and Monday orienteering. Minna really pushed me do good as I tried my best to keep up with her pace, haha! We ended up blasting a pretty decent time for a 7k run, at least for me. At the finish line there were some Scandinavian Hunks, literally, waiting for us which was awesome as of course it was raining cats and dogs and freezing and makeup running down the at-that-point very pink face... :-D
Saturday was also a fun day, I figured to do a whole post about this but oh well.. So it was time for the summer season opening "party" at the CrossFit gym. Earlier this week I was so hesitant for even attending as I know I am not (yet) the strongest person or have a best technique in any of those movements we do at classes, and most of them probably have never yet tried. But I am so glad I went, as I had a blast and didn't do that bad after all I think :-) My group was also super understanding and I got to choose what I wanted to do so that I could actually finish the movements :-D The program for the day was basically four different group WODs and which group had the lowest scoring in the end won. Somehow I ended up having an awesome team full of _ripped_ people and my "CrossFit career" started off with a #podiumselfie! Such an awesome day with awesome people :-)
Sadepäivän Sankarit 
For this summer I seem to have a pattern going on for working out. Monday is for orienteering, tuesday and wednesday for CrossFit, thursday orienteering again, friday CrossFit and the weekend will be decided by the weather so either golf, CrossFit or just rest and relaxing. Its hard to get amazingly creative with this schedule, as it is made almost to the minute. That's just how it is as a "grown-up" and a full-time job I guess. I can't even attend the morning classes as they are from 7 to 8am, and basically that would leave me 15 minutes to take a shower, put on some makeup and decent clothes. Not gonna happen for me. 

2 June 2014

Totally (not so) Famous

I totally forgot to mention this, but last Tuesday I made it to the second largest news paper in published in Finland, Aamulehti! I had no idea until my mom showed me and boy was I shocked :-D Apparently I was the sixth fastest of all the women running the same track(4 km) on Monday a week ago. All in all I was 48th I think, but I guess there wasn't that many girls/women running haha. Only lost 12 min to the winner, bur I mean it was Marika Hara so can not be too disappointed..
Right after, I found this in my hair...

1 June 2014

My week 22 in workouts

Okaay, its time to wrap up the week again. I can't believe how fast weeks just fly by nowadays! I remember being like 10 or so, and school year as well as summer holidays always felt like forever and never-ending. Luckily I am all grown up now(yap.) so no need for boring hours, days and weeks not passing by, now they just speed past before you even notice.

Once again I had a pretty active week. But in a sense that I enjoyed everything, I still don't need to "force" myself to go to the gym or anything, instead all is purely for enjoyment. I am enjoying orienteering a lot, as it has such a short season so you really need to get all out of it before its gone again for the winter. Crossfit has also hooked me so bad,  I am always waiting for the next workout (even though a bit scared if I will survive them, haha.So far so good!) and what they will consist of, as they are always different. Also, as a beginner I keep learning new things at the same time, thumbs up for that!

Lately, I haven't been able to include running into my schedule (other than orienteering of course and running done at CF) and I was convinced that I would be able to run even for half an hour anymore. This morning however I went for a run, just cause I felt like it, and crushed my new record; 6k for under 30 min!! I was so happy and extremely surprised. That feeling after making it trough, oh it was good

Something I miss a lot is golfing. Last summer was definitely my "golden season" when it comes to golfing, I trained a lot and you could really tell that as my technique got a lot better, hits longer and naturally by that my HCP went down. For this season too of course I had such high hopes but during the last few weeks I have kind of had to give in to the fact that there just is not enough time for everything. I still try to dedicate weekends for golfing mainly, but that is just not enough to achieve that development in my game that I want to. Oh well, what big problems I have going on right now hah!

Jukola is coming closer and closer (only two more weeks left!!) so that is exciting. That also means that more running and orienteering needs to happen. The next two weeks are definitely going to be extremely busy and full of activities for me, but thats how I like it so fun!