14 October 2014

14.10.2014 // When in Paris...

Oh boy what a day it has been! As you might see from the title, I am currently enjoying my life in Paris. A couple of weeks ago I came across these fairly cheap flights to Paris so I went ahead and booked a little getaway for myself. I don't have school this week at all, so perfect timing!
My day started way too early after a horrible night. Those who know me can prove that I have this tendency to not hear the alarm clock ringing if its too early for me.. Not just once or twice have I missed school or something else because of my sleeping in preferences. So I stressed the whole night I would not wake up early enough to catch my train and flight later on. After just couple of hours of sleep, I travelled four hours to the Helsinki airport. I have a thing for airports. I really like them. I don't know why exactly I like them so much. Usually they are pretty to look at, very clean, there are people from many different places to look at and expensive coffee to drink. Maybe not the best reasons but that's all I got.

The flight was operated by Finnair and have to say I am very pleased with their services. The flight was not fully booked so I got three seats just for myself, vegetarian food was excellent and the staff was friendly and professional. As a bonus we landed early so there was no need to hurry at all.

At Roissy (Charles de Gaulle) I headed straight over to the train station located downstairs of terminal 2. In my opinion all the signs were excellent, directing you to the taxis/train/other terminal etc. It took about 45 minutes with the RER B train to the station Gare du Nord. This station then again, oh god.. Felt like a mission impossible to get out from there!! There were signs to every of street surrounding and connections and everything.. I walked around for like good 10 minutes trying to find some sunlight. I was only carrying a large Longchamp carry-on and my Proenza PS1 large so I decided to walk to my apartment. At the same time I got to witness the frenchies walking around and doing their thing. They are just something else, in a good way. I can't believe how many good-looking, well dressed people can fit in one city. 
During my search for a hotel I found out that it is pretty freaking expensive to spend three nights in a good hotel in Paris. However I remembered this one site I had seen mentioned in a blog and started to look for it. A website called airbnb offers rooms, apartments and houses for rent. They are rented by normal people, basically anyone can start renting their apartment trough this service. I think it is a great concept for an alternative accommodation. I found myself a very cute parisian apartment right next to Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Yep, perfect location! It is rented out by a french girl who is living somewhere else at the moment. Her friend welcomed me to my new home and gave me the keys. Now I am literally living like a parisian for the next three nights! How cool is that? And this even saved me a couple of hundred euros.
For today I had this big plan to walk around the neighborhood, check out Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, walk down to the riverside and see the pyramid of Louvre. I only made it to Printemps. And may have done some damage to my bank account. That place is just magical and pure pain at the same time. There is everything you could ever ask for under one roof. At some point it kind of got a little overwhelming as I am not really into all the high-end clothing, but the bags.. Oh the bags. I could just walk around the first floor and pet every leathery piece of art they have in there. But I am way too weak for that, I would just end up walking out with ten new handbags :-D I think I will do a separate shopping post of what I bought etc. but here is a little sneak peek of my happy moments at Printemps ;-)
Ready to hit the town!
And this is what happened.. :-D
On the way home I just grabbed some food from the supermarket and my plan for tonight is to take it easy and rest for tomorrow so that I will be ready for a mahosive sightseeing spree. This time actually executing my plan! :-D Bonne nuit!
I am obsessed with houmous!!

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